We always do our very best to give our customers the best possible experience. That is why they come back again and again

Every year, Music Hall Esbjerg hosts close to 100 conferences, fairs, meetings and other business meetings. Some are for 30 people, other for 1,500. But regardless of the event’s size, and regardless of who the customer is, we always do our very best to give you a marvelous experience. That is why our customers are happy and therefore come back again and again.

Below, we have selected a few testimonials from some of our customers.

‘For more than 10 years, we have chosen Music Hall Esbjerg for its rooms and technical knowledge to host a vast number of our conferences. In our cooperation with the Music Hall, we were able, thanks to their strong know-how regarding performing arts and completion of events and our constant need for variation and renewal, to create a continuous development of our events, which have formed the basis of participants taking in knowledge and proficiency at the highest level possible.’

Esben Mortensen


‘Over the course of many years, we have chosen to have our Award Ceremony for Next Step Challenge in Music Hall Esbjerg, where their beautiful and exclusive indoor surroundings give a proper finale to our competition. A good cooperation with the professional team in Music Hall Esbjerg when preparing and holding the Award Ceremony gives an international standard that we can be proud of.’

Niels Duelund


‘By now, the Port of Esbjerg has worked together with Music Hall Esbjerg for many years, and that alone says a lot about the Music Hall’s qualities. Among other things, we make use of Music Hall Esbjerg’s facilities for the Port’s yearly information meeting, which welcomes approximately 150 participants. The Port of Esbjerg also has a sponsorship agreement with Music Hall Esbjerg that offers our employees tickets to some of Music Hall Esbjerg’s many entertaining concerts and shows. In our opinion, it’s important to locally support the cultural pillar that Music Hall Esbjerg represents, because the possibilities that the Music Hall offers are all contributing to making Esbjerg an attractive city. In that way, Music Hall Esbjerg represents a significant part of the whole package, which aims at attracting the manpower that is so important for the city’s and the region’s future development.’

Jesper Bank